I have been working on my first novel for the last two years and during that time many friends, and family members, have asked why I chose to write a book about something as obscure as the English Civil War which, after all, took place almost three hundred and seventy years ago.
At first, I didn’t  have a good response to the question other than I found it an interesting period in history. But then I realized I wasn’t writing as much about English history as I was setting out to write a series of books about a fictional character, who lived through a turbulent period in history, and how historical events shaped his character.
The  Henry Darcy series will follow a man's life for fifty years - sixteen to sixty-six.   The historical backdrop of England in the 17th century gives me the chance to develop themes that are still relevant today, namely:  Nature vs. Nurture, Cultural Influences, Peer Pressure, Faith vs. Religion, Leadership, and most of all, how we derive our own self-worth.