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By JON S BARRETT on November 8, 2015

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If Amazon had not told me, I would never have guessed that The Royalist was Glen Wiley’s first novel. Not only will you get a good yarn with lots of adventure, intrigue, romance and suspense, you may also learn a little history. While Mr. Wiley was good enough to actually have an ending in this first book of a series, I will be waiting anxiously for his next book.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This novel by Glen Wiley is well researched and brings the history alive. This suspenseful novel brings history to the reader! Very worthwhile read. By centering the book around a fictional character, Henry Darcy, this novel reminds me of the Ken Follett series starting with Pillars fo the Earth. Looking forward to the next book. Charlotte McDonald
By Ken C on November 29, 2015

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Glen, I just finished your book, The Royalist and want to thank you for an excellent adventure into the historical/fictional side of England. Anyone who likes a good story, with some historical background to make the story come to life, should read this book.
5.0 out of 5 starsFantastic novel!

By Lee T on November 1, 2015

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This was a GREAT read!!!! I’m looking forward to the next novel in the series!

Henry Darcy rides into Face In A Book

I am happy to announce that The Royalist: A Henry Darcy Story is now available at Face In A Book Bookstore. Face in A Book generously supports local authors in a special section in their store so go by today and pick up your copy.

Face in A Book is conveniently located in El Dorado Hills, Ca. Town Center near Latrobe Road and Highway 50 exit. For anyone headed to South Lake Tahoe for skiing, gambling, or just plain fun, Face In the Book and El Dorado Hills Town Center is a great place to stop and browse around, grab a latte, dinner, or some great books to read on your trip.

As always the book is also available on and Createspace.

The Four Pillars of Society

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Several readers of The Royalist have commented that 17th century Britain politically appears to be like 21st century America. To some extent that is why I chose the period as the setting for the Henry Darcy's series.
Britain and the United States have four foundational pillars: Administrative Leadership (monarch's and presidents), Legislatures (parliament & congress), Judiciary (local and federal), and The Church (religion).   History is an artifact of which pillar carried the most weight.   Societies past and present reflect which pillar is dominant.
Today I will contrast 17th century British leadership - monarchs and parliament,  with 21st century American leadership - presidents and congress.
Throughout the 17th century  the Stuart's reigned over England, with the exception of the 1650's during Oliver Cromwell's Protectorate.  The Stuart's for the most part, and King Charles I specifically, believed their authority was God ordained and therefore had a " divine right" to set the direction for both Church and State.  When "the people" (a parliament made up of political and religious factions) disagreed with King Charles I over his authority over the use of public funds (taxes) and the church (liturgy) they literally waged war on each other; the Bishop's War (1639) and the English Civil War (1642 -1645).
Today in the United States we have presidents who appear to be under the impression that they have a God ordained "divine right" to rule and usurp power that was never granted under the constitution- or by God. We also have a congress that is so factious that they have unwittingly relinquished their constitutional authority over to highly divisive leaders.  Presidents are not kings although they act like they are.  Today in Britain the monarch has very limited authority and power. That is a direct result of the English Civil War.  Just as King Charles waged war on Parliament, our current president seems to be waging war on congress, and members of congress are responding in kind, albeit not an armed war. The current weapons of our political leadership are character assassination, lies, and innuendo.
We now have politically elite families, similar to the Stuarts, that believe they are the ordained leaders of our nation, just as the Stuarts did in the 17th century. The main difference between the Stuarts and our leaders today is that they knew that their actions could ultimately cost them not only their crown but their lives as well. King Charles was beheaded in 1649. As Americans we now tend to reward our divisive leaders by continually reelecting them.  Fortunately our presidents can only be king or queen for eight years, but with today's political dynasties that tenancy seems to be in jeopardy as well.
Today our leaders rarely pay a  price for their unconstitutional (illegal) activities.   In fact, our leaders tend to leave the political arena and become wealthy lobbyist or start foundations and become billionaires. the political factions in the US are so divided that they have paralyzed society and the leaders of those factions are forcing us "the people" to choose a side based on half truths, or sometime outright lies.
In The Royalist Henry Darcy, a sixteen year old,  is thrown into the fray of the English Civil War of which he has very little understanding , and is forced to  pick his own way through a morass of political misrepresentations.  But his own unique circumstances ultimately drove him into the Royalist camp.  I wonder if he would have made the same decision if he had an unbiased view of the situation. 

In my next post I will discuss the impact that religion, and the church had on 17th century British Society, and contrast it with religion in the US today.

“The Royalist” is now in the KDP Select Program!

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“The Royalist” is on Goodreads

The Royalist: A Henry Darcy Story can now be found on Goodreads.  If you would like to order the book from that platform, or add it to your "want to read" list, please go to the Goodreads website  by following the link below, or on the Goodreads site simply search by The Royalist + Glen Wiley.  And remember after you have read the book please enter a review or rating for the book.
Thanks to all of you have already ordered the book.
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A synopsis of “The Royalist” by Glen Wiley

In 1643, King Charles’s Royalist Army lays siege to the city of Gloucester. Sixteen-year-old Henry Elder sneaks into the king’s camp as a spy for the Parliamentarians, but when discovered he pretends to be the son of a Royalist colonel, who unfortunately happens to be dead.  Henry has no choice but to keep up the ruse when King Charles orders him to Oxford.
On the eve of his departure, Henry’s adoptive father reveals a life-changing secret:  Henry’s biological father is Hugh Darcy, a nobleman forced to flee England to escape Royalist persecution.  And now, with Henry off to join the Royalist cavalry, he has the chance to spy on and bring down the very people who destroyed his family.
But even more secrets are revealed.  Henry’s father hid a small fortune for the son he left behind, and Henry’s not the only one looking for it.  After arriving in Oxford Henry falls in love with Elizabeth Hamilton, and even though her parents forbid them to see each other, they continue to do so in secret.
As the war rages on Henry maneuvers between hostile armies, dubious alliances, and deep religious schisms, he finds his loyalties divided between the Royalists and Parliamentarians; between his grudging respect for Oliver Cromwell and his admiration for Prince Rupert; and between the woman he loves and his ambition to recover his father’s estate.  Henry ultimately has to question his own beliefs, desires, and motivations, and finds that he doesn’t always like what he discovers.

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Why write a novel about the English civil war?

I have been working on my first novel for the last two years and during that time many friends, and family members, have asked why I chose to write a book about something as obscure as the English Civil War which, after all, took place almost three hundred and seventy years ago.
At first, I didn’t  have a good response to the question other than I found it an interesting period in history. But then I realized I wasn’t writing as much about English history as I was setting out to write a series of books about a fictional character, who lived through a turbulent period in history, and how historical events shaped his character.
The  Henry Darcy series will follow a man's life for fifty years - sixteen to sixty-six.   The historical backdrop of England in the 17th century gives me the chance to develop themes that are still relevant today, namely:  Nature vs. Nurture, Cultural Influences, Peer Pressure, Faith vs. Religion, Leadership, and most of all, how we derive our own self-worth.

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